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Eco-Friendly Cars Made in the USA

July 27, 2011 | In Makes |

When you think about American-made cars, you tend to think of “gas-guzzling” SUVs or the muscle cars that were manufactured in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Times have changed, however, and most people want to purchase new cars that are more eco-friendly and consume less fuel. Though American manufacturers were extremely slow to roll out this type of vehicle, in recent years many of the most environmentally friendly cars have been made in the U.S. Continue reading Eco-Friendly Cars Made in the USA…


Imported From Detroit

July 18, 2011 | In Makes |

The downward spiral of the Detroit auto industry finally reached bottom in 2009 when General Motors officially filed for bankruptcy. However, assisted by the $30 million government bailout, the Detroit auto has experienced an unexpected resurgence. A recent White House report explained how the car companies are now profiting from sales and creating job opportunities again. Continue reading Imported From Detroit…

Newspaper Advertising is the Key to the Success of Your Automotive Business Opportunity

May 6, 2009 | In Tips, Uncategorized |

Any automotive business opportunity will gain tremendously from newspaper advertising. This is because despite recent technological advances and the massive shift to all things online, newspaper advertising remains the most popular advertising method for small home based businesses.

Newspapers are Good for Testing Your Automotive Business Opportunity

Newspapers, and especially daily newspapers are an excellent medium for testing various aspects of your automotive business opportunity even before you officially launch. Continue reading Newspaper Advertising is the Key to the Success of Your Automotive Business Opportunity…

Buying Used Cars Online

March 22, 2009 | In Tips |

In this modern world, technology has been changing frequently in which majority of the people prefer to ride in their own car. There are many schemes under which cars can be bought easily by hire purchase. Though, there are many schemes, some people prefer second hand cars or used cars. There are many used cars for sale across the world. The main purpose for which people prefer used cars as they can be bought at a lower price compared with the original price of the car. Continue reading Buying Used Cars Online…

Auto Loan Programs - Embracing All The Lesser of Evils

December 14, 2007 | In Auto Loan |

In the years past, credit was usually solely used for a very major investment, such as, that of a house or building for a business. Most families accumulated their cash until they finally had enough to pay in full for what they wish for, which they went shopping for it. After they discovered what they wished to purchase they paid the cash they had in hand for the item. This included buying even average-priced items such as a new or pre-owned automobile. Beginning in the 1970s and 1980s, this trend shifted to a new way of doing things. Especially in the later 80s and beyond, credit became accessible and people started obtaining it to buy items to fill both their daily needs and wants. Having credit became the expected method people purchased their vehicles and charge cards became normal theme in most everyone’s pocket. Continue reading Auto Loan Programs - Embracing All The Lesser of Evils…

What’s your dream car?

June 9, 2007 | In Uncategorized |

What’s your dream car? Is it any of these: Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Jaguar X type sports wagon, Convertible Volvo C-70, BMW Z3, Dodge Viper, Volkswagen Beetle, the new Opel Astra, Toyota Camry or Mercedes Benz? Whatever is your dream car or the car that you currently own, the idea of traveling long distances with family or friends in a car that you like is thrilling all the same.

If the freedom to pull over wherever you like, travel on the road as you wish and the idea of owning some space on wheels are enticing, the compulsion of commuting to work, dropping children at school and visiting the markets for shopping and hundreds of other places has made cars a necessity of modern life. It’s unimaginable to go on in life without a car. Sooner or later you need to have one.
Continue reading What’s your dream car?…

Ways You Can Save on Your Car Insurance

May 3, 2007 | In Insurance |

Ways You Can Save on Your Car Insurance

You are legally required to have car insurance, but you are not required to pay astronomical prices for it. If you are looking for some ways in which you can save on then look no further.

Save on Your Car Insurance by Manipulating Parts of Your Insurance Policy

When you first took out your car insurance policy you might have decided to go for low deductibles. That might have seemed like a good idea to you at the time, but you might not have known that by choosing higher deductibles you can actually save money on your car insurance premiums. Change your deductible to the highest you can possibly afford and your insurance premiums will go down.

Make sure that you keep an amount of money saved that is equal to or higher than your deductible so that you will be assured the money is available if you ever need it. If you own an older car that isn’t worth very much then you can save money by dropping your collision and comprehensive coverages.

Save on Your Car Insurance by Taking Advantage of Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts for various things. Low mileage discounts are one example. If you put fewer than a specific amount of mileage you your car each year then your insurance company may offer you a discount, as long as you can prove the amount of mileage put on the car each year. You can also usually get discounts for having safety features such as anti-lock brakes, airbags, and alarms.

Some other discounts that may be available to you include having more than one car insured with the same insurance company, having more than one type of policy with the same insurance company (such as your car and your home), not having been in an accident for the past three years, not having gotten any tickets, being 50 or more years of age, and taking driver training and/or driver safety classes.

Performance auto parts

April 10, 2007 | In Parts |

When your prized possession is on the road, you surely want the best performance. One of the simplest ways of ensuring that is to make sure that your automobile’s performance parts are always up to the mark.

Be it the clutch, the brake, the spark plug, the boost gauge, the voltmeter, the fog light, the exhaust, the oil gauge, the air filter or the shock absorbers, it’s imperative to keep a check on the functioning of your auto parts. Regular use would obviously result in wear and tear and it thus becomes important to repair, change or upgrade the performance auto parts from time to time.

Performance parts play an important role in the functioning of your vehicle. Any good machine would give optimum performance only when its machinery is in top condition. With upgrades hitting the market everyday, one has a wide variety of auto parts to choose from.

When you believe that your car is the best, it is only fair to give it the best. Besides the basic kits, you can choose from a wide variety of performance parts and accessories that’ll enhance the working of your vehicle, giving you a stellar street performance. Be well informed when purchasing performance auto parts and you’ll breathe easy and so will your car. If you aren’t sure about which part would be the best for your car or whether what you intend buying is as good as it sounds, head for a dealer whom you know. If you don’t have a known dealer, ask your friends and try to find someone reliable.

You might be blinded by the sales promos and gimmicks used by manufacturers, but it is a good idea to compare products and prices before spending your hard- earned money. Check out for loopholes and don’t be embarrassed about asking questions. When in doubt, ask. It is better to come across as “auto parts challenged” than getting conned into buying something that’s not worth splurging on.

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Auto parts and accessories

April 4, 2007 | In Parts |

An extremely important part of the machinery is the brake system. Having a good brake system ensures that your vehicle can be well maneuvered in all kinds of weather, on different terrains, making all the difference between safe and unsafe driving. Brakes systems available today are known for their stability and improved heat monitoring, reducing friction and increasing performance. Unlike parts available earlier, most of these brake systems come in appealing quality and colors that go well with your automobile. Brake pads, solid rotors, steel brake lines… the list is endless. Be it drum brakes, disc brakes or power brakes, be assured that you would definitely be able to find something as per your liking. It makes sense to invest in good performance accelerator and clutch parts too. Accelerator controls and cables of various kinds are also easily available and you can choose what’s best for your model. Cutting edge technology used for clutch kits greatly increases your ride’s performance.

Having an effective exhaust system also plays a major role in the efficiency of your vehicle. Unless you’re a die-hard Harley Davidson fan and want your car to sound the same, you wouldn’t want to strut around without a muffler for your exhaust system. With backpressures and other kinds of mufflers, it becomes easy to reduce noise as much as possible. Catalytic converters in newer engines have made it possible to reduce pollution by refining the exhaust before it leaves your car. Laws passed by the federal government have made it mandatory for engine manufacturers to conform to certain rules and regulation in order to reduce emissions.

Will Skoda Influence Future VW Offerings?

March 18, 2007 | In Skoda, Volkswagen |

The automotive world is seeing some dramatic changes thanks to the opening up of markets in China and India and the development of plants producing models that can retail for much less than ten thousand dollars in North America. The lower end of the auto market is booming and cheaper priced cars will be soon heading to America to swell the ranks of vehicles selling for bottom dollar. Volkswagen will be doing its part to compete against all that the world has to offer, but not with models currently being built by the German automaker. However, Skoda, a car company owned by the Volkswagen Group is likely to start selling some of their cars in the U.S. once competition heats up. Read on and we’ll take a look at how Skoda may transform the basic Volkswagen offering for the lucrative, but competitive American market.

Ask the average American consumer if they ever heard of Skoda and more than ninety percent are likely to give you a “no” answer. Conversely, if you asked these same consumers if they ever heard of Volkswagen, the name recognition would be virtually one hundred percent. Such is the popularity of the car company that brought the Beetle and Rabbit to the American market.

Skoda is much less known globally, although they have been producing vehicles for more than one century. Indeed, the once Czech government run car company had a small following, mostly in the communist states of eastern Europe. During the early 1990s, the Czech government decided to sell its interest in Skoda and Volkswagen became the happy owner. Today, Skoda cars are made in five countries and sold in 21. New plants in Russia and China are being developed to join plants already operating in eastern Europe and India.

So, why would VW turn to Skoda in order to remain competitive in North America? For two reasons:

Even if VW sends their lowest price car to the American market, the Polo, it will still be priced at around $12,000 which will be several thousand dollars more expensive than the cars to be imported from Chinese automakers.

Already the Skoda is one of the best priced brands in the world. Instead of pouring millions of dollars into a new VW model and tapping a factory that produces more expensive vehicles, a base Skoda model will likely anchor the Volkswagen line up within the next five years. Perhaps the Roomster, Skoda’s tiny four passenger automobile will be the car that helps VW stay strong in the US. Powered by a tiny 3 cylinder 1.2L engine, the Roomster is uniquely designed and easier to tell apart from other cars in its class and the Roomster is likely to be popular in China once production begins late next year.

And what is the biggest advantage of the Skoda Roomster? It will retail for less than ten thousand dollars once imported versions of this car arrive from Chinese factories to American soil. Now for the remaining dilemma: will the car be rebadged as a VW or will America finally learn what Skoda is all about? Stay tuned!

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